Visiting Pune as a traveler? Want to avoid the same old question” you have been to Pune and did not visited that place?”

Then go through this blog to find some of the sightseeing places that you must visit if you have ever been to Pune, and you might also find that these would be the possible list of places that your friends or relatives residing in Pune would take you to if you were to stay with them and have a tour with them. Why not surprise them by already knowing a bit about these places?

1. Shaniwar Wada


The most talked about place in Pune, ever since the release of the bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani. Shaniwar Wada is a historical fort built by the Peshwas in 1732, it was a beautiful palace with a Maratha architectural touch but due to the fire in 1828 major part of the palace has been destroyed, and the remains of it is been maintained along with beautiful gardens till date. There is a lot of history attached to this place and if you come across a local guide or even a localite they will help you with the history and interesting facts about Shaniwar Wada

Entry Fee: Rs. 5 per person (Indians)

                 Rs. 125 per person (Foreigners)

Time: Open all days from 08.00 A.M – 06.30 P.M

Sound and Light show: In Marathi: 7.15 P.M – 8.10 P.M

                                        In English: 8.15 P.M – 9.10 P.M

2. Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace

Even though this majestic palace was built in 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III as an act of charity to help out the people of neighbouring cities of Pune when there was famine hit back in the 18th century, but it is not known for that reason at all.

This palace attracts tourist because it is closely linked with the Indian freedom movement, people are more interested in knowing about Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturbha Gandhi’s history who were kept here in house arrest during the freedom movement, and there is a museum inside this palace that explains the entire history.

Entry Fee: Rs. 5 per person (Indians)

                Rs. 100 per person (Foreigners)

                Rs. 2 per person with children

Time: Open all days from 09.00 A.M – 05.30 P.M

3. National Defence Academy

National Defence Academy

If you are curious about where the finest military talent of India come from then National Defence Academy situated in Khadakwasla, Pune is the place. It is the first tri service academy which means its a joint service academy where in the cadets of the major three services – army, navy and airforce are trained.

Public are allowed to visit this academy on a Sunday, for the visit you have to send them a email which would be available on their website with details of you and people with whom you are visiting along with ID proof and the date that you wish to visit. They will respond to you whether it is possible to sanction the visit on the said date or not.

If you are in Pune and wish to experience what national pride actually feels like then you should definitely pay a visit to this academy.

4. Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple

Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati

Most probably every city in India has one famous temple which you cannot miss to visit if you have ever been there. The same way Pune has Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple dedicated to the hindu god Ganpati. If you just want to visit this temple normally without any rush then non festive season is the time for you. But if you wish to experience the festive colours then you should be visiting this place during the 10 days Ganesh Utsav. This beloved Ganpati of Punekars has been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi for more than 125 years.

Time: 6.00 A.M – 10.30 P.M

         During Ganesh Utsav – 24X7

5. Parvati Hill

Parvati Hills

One of the famous landmarks that holds some of the oldest heritage structures dating back to the 17th century. There is a Parvati Mandir situated at the top of the hill dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Parvati. It is believed that this temple was built by the third Peshwa Nana Saheb. Also if you are interested in looking at the artifacts of the Peshwas Dynasty then you should have a look at the museum near the temple that displays variety of artifacts.

Entry Fee: None Time: All days – 05.00 A.M – 8.00 P.M

6. Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort

Now apart from an interest in historic monuments you have a love for nature and extra energy reserved for trekking then you cannot miss visiting Sinhagad Fort while in Pune. If trekking is not your thing but you still wish to visit this place then no worries as cars and taxies go up there. It’s a weekend getaway spot for the city people as it offers a peaceful experience and a mesmerising scenery.

Best time to visit this fort is during monsoon and winters.Time: Open all days 09.00 A.M – 06.00 P.M

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